CEO Kotaro Akizawa

After graduating from Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Tokyo University of Science, he joined Suzuki Motor Corporation as a new graduate and engaged in vehicle development in the control brake experiment team. Inspired of the thought that what is more unconventional is more interesting, he started from a business not related to Web and launched Netter. Likes unique and interesting things. Author of “アメリカで英語話せない二人が飛行機乗り遅れて死にそうになった話” is published in the e-book “君の知らない30の物語 Vol.1” published by
03/2011 Graduated from Tokyo University of Science, Department of Mechanical Engineering
04/2011 Joined Suzuki Motor Corporation
12/2012 Left Suzuki Motor Corporation
02/2013 Established Alfree Co., Ltd. Netter’s Planning・Website Production

Director – CFO Kazutoshi Yuyama

After graduating from university, he work hard to study for tax accountant qualifications. Joined Ohashi Certified Accounting Office(大橋公認会計事務所) to gain practical experience. Responsible for the taxation and accounting of a large number of companies In order to strengthen the finance of the Netter business, he became a director of our company after leaving Ohashi Certified Accounting Office.
2011-Joined Ohashi Certified Accounting Office. (Accounting and Finance)
2015-Tax Accountant Registration

Director – CTO Kazuaki Hayakawa

After graduating from Ritsumeikan University, he joined a system development company. He was involved in web service system development. Launched paid job placement for temporary business. After that, system development company Blue Ocean Co., Ltd. was established and became its CEO. Released its own web bookshelf service “BlueWorm”. Worked in Gurunavi Co., Ltd. and was involved in the development support for all content except search special features.
From 2007-2011, participates as an initial programmer except for smartphones of the net shopping mall “BASE” and was engaged in development. Likes new and interesting things and likes to be involved in services that spreads interesting things.
2002 Joined Cyberwave
2006 Established Blue Ocean Co., Ltd.
-Online Shopping Mall “BASE”
-Web Bookshelf Service “BlueWorm”
-Netter System Development
-Web System Development