Fitness Video Platform

Fitness Video Platform “BeneFitness” is a  classroom-like application where you can learn from fitness videos uploaded by instructors.
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VR Yoga Service
Nature VR Yoga

360 ° VR yoga where you can experience yoga in the wilderness without actually going to the wilderness. Yoga performed in the wilderness has a higher relaxation effect both physically and mentally than regular yoga.


SNS Post-sharing Service
Netter ネタキュレーションCGM

When posting on Facebook or Twitter, there are times when you want an interesting response and reaction! With NETTER You can actually execute these and post it! It is a service promoting “NETTER consumption”!


SNS・Media Promotion

NetterネタキュレーションCGM uses and supports SNS promotion such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LINE @. Expensive system development can be promoted free of charge because it is fully equipped with post function, limited coupon function.


Website Development and Production

We do Web Production, System Development, Application Development, CMS Introduction, and other services!

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